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Advanced Advocacy and Intergovernmental Relations
Municipal elected officials must educate members of the General Assembly on how bills impact their cities and towns. Learn successful strategies to navigate the legislative process on behalf of your hometown and take your advocacy skills to a new level.

This session goes beyond specific issues to examine the complexities of how a bill becomes law and the many rules that govern the process. Get a behind the scenes tour of the State House and capitol complex and hear from a panel of seasoned lobbyists about the challenges of working a bill through the legislative process.

Advanced Budgeting and Finance
Advanced Budgeting and Finance will pick up where the MEO Institute's "Basic Budgeting and Municipal Finance" course left off. Presenters will focus on topics such as budget management, governmental accounting, annual audit, debt management and more.

Advanced Leadership and Governance
Advanced Leadership and Governance will take an in-depth look at the leadership role of municipal elected officials. Participants will learn about how to develop a bold vision for their hometowns and how to develop sound public policy to carry out that vision.

Advanced Municipal Economic Development
Advanced Municipal Economic Development will concentrate on how to identify a municipality's unique assets, promote these assets, develop strategic partnerships, and use available tools and incentives to encourage private sector investment and job creation. Experienced municipal economic development professionals and consultants will present these topics and illustrate successful strategies and projects using case studies.

Municipal Utility Policy and Administration
Most South Carolina municipalities own and operate utility systems. These systems are critical to the health and safety of residents and their economic prosperity. Participants will learn the basics of utility policy and administration, including the legal authority municipal utilities have to operate and serve new customers. Presenters will discuss the environmental regulatory system, compliance requirements and the need to build effective working relationships with regulatory agencies.

Through an introduction to utility system engineering, attendees will gain a better understanding of elementary engineering concepts and terminology. In addition, an experienced utility administrator and bond attorney will discuss best management practices and financing options to operate a municipal utility system successfully.

Public Safety Policy and Administration
Public Safety Policy and Administration will focus on the elected official's leadership role and responsibilities related to public safety. Experienced public safety and municipal court practitioners will discuss police, fire and municipal court policies, best practices and operations.