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Brokers Tax Program
Insurance companies not licensed to directly sell policies in the state can provide coverage through South Carolina licensed brokers. These brokers provide insurance for unusual risks. The Association distributes to municipalities the required brokers business license tax collected by the South Carolina Department of Insurance.

Insurance Tax Program
The Insurance Tax Program centralizes the licensing procedures for insurance companies and standardizes the collection rates and dates. Participating municipalities adopted a standard ordinance for insurance company business license taxes. The Association collects for participating municipalities the required insurance business license tax.

Local Business License Renewal Center
The Association developed a statewide online portal for business license renewals. The online portal is for renewals only. New business licenses will still be issued by the city or town. State law requires this system to be hosted by the SC Revenue and Fiscal Affairs Office. To use this free software, municipalities must adopt the standard business license practices. 

Setoff Debt Program
The Association compiles and forwards to the Department of Revenue each December a database of delinquent accounts and debts owed to participating municipalities. If an individual who owes a debt is scheduled to receive a state income tax refund, the Department of Revenue reduces the refund by the amount of the debt. The amount collected is forwarded to the Association which in turn forwards it to the reporting municipality/claimant agency.

Telecommunications Tax Program
The Association collects business license taxes due municipalities from telecommunications companies. Staff sends a notice in December each year to all telecommunications companies doing business in South Carolina for the municipalities participating in the program. The program centralizes the licensing procedures for telecommunications companies and standardizes the rates and due dates. Participating municipalities adopted a standard ordinance levying a business license tax on telecommunications companies as provided for in the SC Telecommunications Act of 1999.