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Small Businesses  

To help businesses adapt to rapidly changing market conditionsMain Street South Carolina has developed a video library series with guidance specifically tailored to small business long-term stability. Expert consultants speak on a variety of topics, including e-commerce, marketing, retail, restaurants, and how to build an online presence. These video tutorials serve as tools that can be used now and in the future. Local Main Street programs are encouraged to schedule, feature and discuss one of these videos (or a portion of one) at Merchant Meetings. 

Main Street Programs 

Additionally, as a technical assistance program of the Municipal Association of SC, Main Street SC provides downtown organizations professional advice and guidance in the use of the proven Main Street Four-Point Approach™ to start or strengthen their revitalization efforts.  To help with this, we have developed a Main Street 101 training series that covers the Four-Point methodology to creating a holistic revitalization process for the community. These videos are designed to provide a foundational understanding of Main Street. Directors are encouraged to view them annually with their board and committees. Use them in onboarding volunteers, in board orientation and general refreshers with long-standing partners.   

The Four Points 

  • Organization builds consensus and cooperation between all groups that play a role in the downtown. 
  • Design improves the downtown’s physical elements while preserving & enhancing its authenticity & sense of place. 
  • Promotion markets the downtown’s unique characteristics to shoppers, investors, new businesses, tourists and residents. 
  • Economic Vitality strengthens and diversifies the existing economic base of the downtown.