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Public Works and Utilities Grant Offerings

The Risk Management Services programs have a long-standing history of offering grants to fund essential risk reduction initiatives. SC Municipal Insurance Trust offers the Public Works Safety Grant while the SC Municipal Insurance and Risk Financing Fund offers the Public Works Property and Liability Reduction Grant.

The Public Works Safety Grant is designed to assist public works and utilities departments in the purchase of equipment designed to improve worker safety in and around work zones. Products and equipment considered for grants include

  • automatic external defibrillators, or AEDs;
  • backup cameras;
  • chainsaw helmets;
  • hard hats;
  • portable radios;
  • reflective vests;
  • traffic control devices, cones directional equipment and signage; and
  • trench boxes/shoring equipment.

The Public Works Liability Reduction grant is designed to financially assist public works and utilities departments in procuring products or services that may help reduce the frequency and severity of claims. Equipment and services considered for grants include

  • sewer cameras;
  • acoustic pipe inspectors;
  • leak detectors;
  • root cutters;
  • scarifiers;
  • backup cameras;
  • collision avoidance systems;
  • utility line locators; and
  • training reimbursement.

The grant programs operate on a first-come, first-served reimbursement basis. After completing the required application process, members can request reimbursement for up to 50% of the cost for allowable equipment purchases. Request are limited to $4,000 per member, per grant, per year.

For more information contact Danielle Baker at or 803.933.1237.