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Current SC Workers’ Compensation Commissioners

The governor, with advice and consent of the Senate, appoints seven commissioners to serve six-year terms on the Workers’ Compensation Commission. A chairman is also designated by the governor to serve a two-year term. 

The commission is the governing board for the SC Workers’ Compensation Commission. The board is responsible for implementing policies related to worker’s compensation. Commissioners also attend hearings requested by employees, employers, attorneys and mediators.  

The current commissioners are 

  • T. Scott Beck, Chair 
  • Gene McCaskill, Vice Chair 
  • R. Michael Campbell II 
  • Cynthia C.  Dooley 
  • Melody L. James 
  • Aisha Taylor 
  • Avery B. Wilkerson Jr. 

Find more information on the SC Workers’ Compensation commissioners on the Commission’s website.