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Advocacy Meetings Start in August

​People call them RAMs. But what are they exactly?

"The Regional Advocacy Meetings are the starting point for the Association's work in the upcoming legislative session each year," said Reba Campbell, the Association's deputy executive director. "Discussions with local officials at these meetings determine our priorities, and it's important that elected officials and city staff attend to get their local issues heard."­

The 10 Regional Advocacy Meetings held across the state from the middle of August through the middle September give municipal officials the opportunity to learn about legislative issues affecting cities and towns and to play a role in establishing the Association's legislative initiatives ahead of next year's new, two-year legislative session.

These meetings, which are for elected officials and city staff, will outline bills passed into law during the 2018 session that affects cities and towns and issues that will likely come up again in the 2019 session. Local officials will have the chance to discuss challenges in their cities that could be solved through legislative action.

House and Senate members will be invited to attend the meetings and share their ideas as well.

The meetings will be held from 11 a.m. until 1 p.m., and lunch will be included. The locations are organized by council of governments region, but officials may attend any session that is convenient.

There is no charge for the meetings, but registration is required for an accurate head count for lunch and handouts.

For more information, contact Ashleigh Hair at or 803.933.1288.