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Municipal Elected Officials Institute of Government monthly quiz

​True or False: "A quorum of a municipal council exists only if all members comprising a simple majority of the membership of council are physically present at the meeting location."

Answer: False
A public meeting occurs when a quorum of the council, whether in person or by means of electronic equipment, such a videoconferencing or teleconferencing, convenes to discuss or act upon public business regardless of whether votes will be taken (Section 30-4-20(d)). A quorum, unless otherwise defined by applicable law, means a simple majority of the council. A physical presence is not required to convene a quorum.

The Municipal Elected Officials Institute of Government offers in-person and online courses. Elected officials who complete all of the required coursework graduate from the institute and are eligible to participate in the Advanced Institute. The next in-person courses, held September 18, will be Municipal Economic Development and Forms of Municipal Government. The next Advanced MEO Institute sessions on October 24 will be Advanced Budgeting and Finance and Advanced Leadership and Governance.